Apple's Latest IOS 5 presents 200 New Features

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Apple IOS is the operating system for mobile devices from Apple as iPhone, iPod Touch and the latest version of the iPad and later the IOS 5 is a new major release, by presenting a 1500 200 new features and new APIs for developers.

Notification Center

Significant changes to the IOS 5 will include a revamped Notification Center, which now offers all the notifications is accessed from the drop-down shade (similar to Android).

Notifications can appear in applications such as email, calendar, stocks, weather, SMS, Twitter, and includes animated and alert. IOS 5 will include new lockscreen containing a better view for notification.

iMessage Services like fuel

IOS 5 also presents iMessage service, similar to fuel a message to all Cisco IOS devices that includes text, photos, videos, contacts, messaging groups, and more. This application also has features such as receiving report / reading, report delivery, and can work over 3G, Wi-Fi, and encrypted.


IOS 5 also adds a new application called Newsstand, which would be a way for newspapers and magazines to sell content for IOS users. Newsstand can download the new issues / content in the background, so it is always up-to-date.

Integrated Twitter

IOS 5 adds support for Twitter natively on every platform, such as cameras, photo library, Safari, YouTube, Maps, and contacts applications.

Tabbed Browser

IOS 5 makes changes to the Safari web browser, including the format is easy-to-read, Reading List for the storage of articles (can be synchronized to the device IOS), and tabbed browsing.


Another new application called Reminder, which serves to help record and other repetitive tasks, this application will identify the location, and can trigger alerts based on user location.

Camera & Photo Editing Applications

Changes to the camera application including lock-screen shortcuts for faster access to camera, volume buttons on the iPhone will become a physical shutter button while in camera mode, pinch-to-zoom will work instead of a slider for zooming in on the subject, and the IOS will be able to do edits to photos, like cropping, removing red eye, and photo enhancement.

Email application that supports Rich Format

E-mail application supports rich text formatting, indentation control, the search for a better message, message flagging, and support for encrypted email.

Synchronization and activation without a PC

IOS 5 also adds support for synchronization without a PC: users will be able to buy the IOS-based device and activate it without the need to hardwire synchronization with a PC. Software updates for Cisco IOS device will also be done through the air.

Other features include better support for multitasking gesture, mirroring the iPhone on TV, and more.


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