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Sunday, July 3, 2011

After a less successful with Google and Google Buzz Wave, Google is now offering another social networking service that Google +.

The interface is simple and some features outperform Facebook. Will Google + as popular as Facebook?

Cursory Google + similar to Facebook. On the main screen there is a row of posts from friends' status, and status are also available every comment. What distinguishes it from Facebook?

Facebook equalizes all your friends. All of your status in Facebook will be seen by all your friends, so with your uploaded photos. Unless you remember to use the Custom Privacy of Facebook to determine who can view your post.

Google + Your relationship with friends you do not equated averaged. You can group your friends into the school friends, family, work friends, and others. Each group was incorporated into the circle. So one day you will update the status, you can choose whichever circle that can read and comment on your status. Of course, you can address the status to any or all of your friends circle.

Another feature is the Google + Sparks and Hangouts. Spark can be used to share (share) content. You can share content with certain friends, or with friends in a circle. While Hangouts are facilities for video chat with friends inside the circle.

Photo sharing and storage facilities associated with the Google + Picasa (Google's photo service). You can share a photo or a photo album to a certain circle or to any of your friends.

Until now, Google + can not be used by everyone, only people who have been invited by Google to tempt. But Google provides updated information to your e-mail you about Google +, when they are available widely. If interested, you can register your e-mail message to Plus.Google.com.


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