Facebook launched the newest features of Group Chat, Video Calling and a new design

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mark Zuckerberg announced the launch of several exciting new features for the most popular social network in the world that is Facebook. After spending six months working on most of these features, it looks like Facebook users will get a better experience with the launch of Group Chat, improved design for a list of friends chat, and video calling.

Group Chat

You might think: Facebook group already has this function, what's so new about that? Well, with a new Facebook Group Chat function, users no longer have to start a new group to start a group chat. All you have to do is click the button to invite friends in the chat window, type the name of the friend you want to invite in the conversation and you're ready! If there is a chat participant is not available at this time, they will be given a summary of chat logs at a later time, when the chat is over. Group / group can be easily formed and dissolved to make different implementations of existing Group Chat today.

New Design

Currently quite difficult to know which one of your friends are online at the moment - all you have is a small collection of faces on the sidebar of your Facebook home page and friends list to choose a name for the chat. If you have a poor introduction to the face that appears on the thumbnail of the first method will not work for you, and the second was not much better.

Now, Facebook will launch a new design that takes advantage of the full width of your web browser, and displays by introducing a new sidebar that can adjust according to how big your screen. In this new list, the user will be able to access their friends are most often contacted with just one click. Not to mention larger thumbnail with the name will be useful in helping users identify with whom they want to chat.

Video Calling

Finally, Facebook has announced that it has partnered with Skype to bring one of the most requested features to Facebook: video calling. The new video call feature for Facebook is basically a simple process that will allow anyone with a Facebook account to start a video call with ease. Users can make video calls from the friend's profile or through Facebook Chat just a few clicks. First time users must download a small plugin for it to be berfugnsi, but beyond that all that needs to do is just click "call answer" in the future. No need to register for Skype in advance, no need to download an external program or perform a complicated setup. Just click and start video calling.

All features will be launched today for the desktop version of the website Facebook. No word on when a video call up will be present in the mobile version, but we believe it is certainly not too soon. If your Facebook has not been updated with new features so it will certainly take time to update this feature to 750 million users.


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