Humanoid Robot Romeo Caregiver Friendly Seniors of Aldebaran

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Aldebaran Robotics companies in France, the maker of the cute little robot Nao, has returned with robot caregivers for elderly / seniors, nicknamed Romeo. Humanoid / Humanoid Ubu much greater standing than the Neo 1.4 meters (slightly more than four and a half feet) wrapped in a gunmetal Speedo-style costumes and weighs 40 kilograms (88 pounds).

Romeo Robot features the 37-degrees of freedom, the backbone of the four-segment, articulated legs, exoskeleton legs composite, and revised actuators that provide a more secure control of robot limbs.

Robot dengna clean smooth coating also has a "soft torso '. Robots interact through natural speech and gestures to perform tasks like taking out the trash, picked up the cup with four fingers, or take food from the kitchen.

Romeo will join a long line of robots destined to entertain and help care for the elderly and will be unveiled in March at a cost of about € 250,000 (about $ 330,000) or about 3 billion dollars. (Source)


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