Latest Linux Centos 6 Released

Monday, July 11, 2011

CentOS 6.0 has just announced the latest release. CentOS Enterprise class Linux Distribution is derived from sources freely provided to the public by Upstream OS Provider (UOP) are sourced from RedHat EL. CentOS 6.0 has many changes from previous releases. CentOS 6.0 has been completely rebuilt using the new build system and library checks to confirm upstream binary compatibility.
Centos 6 new features:

Filesystems & Storage:

* Ext4 is now the default filesystem,
* Mergable supports LVM snapshots finally - finally We Can Implement safe (transacted) file-level replication using rsync.


* ISCSI support for root and / boot partitions


* Updated 'tickless' kernel - save power,
* Cgroups support for resource allocation process amongst the group.

Web and applications:

* Apache 2.2
* MySQL 5.1.47
* PostgreSQL 8.4.4
* Memcached 1.4.4
* Ruby 1.8.7
* PHP 5.3.2
* Tomcat 6 / OpenJDK 6

For details about the actual features Centos 6 public version of RedHat Enterprise Linux 6 Server able to:

Download Centos Torret 6 in format DVD files available on:

Or download Centos 6 through mirror:


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