Latest Nvidia Tegra 4 to 8 Core Processing & DirectX 11

Monday, July 4, 2011

Although there is still some time left until the first device supported Nvidia Kal-El into the market, a company based in Santa Clara appears to have revealed some specifications of the fourth generation Tegra SoC to be released under the codename "Wayne".Publications that blow from the news site Bright Side, reveals specifications are derived from one source close to Nvidia are reluctant to reveal his identity. Based on these disclosures, it can be known if the graphics card maker Nvidia wants to build two separate versions of Wayne in order to meet the needs of a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, netbooks and notebooks.

The first version is a quad-core design, based on the ARM architecture are not yet known (or likely Cortex-A15) which will include at least a 24-core GPU graphics that resemble contemporary architecture.

For four ARM cores, clock speed of 1.5GHz Nvidia targets, which will produce a three-digit GFLOPS performance, and also able to maintain power consumption per core strengths of the Kal-El SoC.

The second silicon Wayne reportedly much stronger than the first version, because the package is not less than 8 ARM processing cores to 64 cores and 32 GPUs are compatible with DirectX 11 + and also supports OpenGL 1.x and 4.x and OpenCL PhysX. The chip is designed to surpass the ARM-based processor and x86, which will be adopted by the tablets, netbooks and ultra-low-power notebooks up to 13.3-inch notebook.

Meanwhile, Nvidia also has plans to release a SoC (system-on-a-chip) next generation at the same time with the Windows operating system 8. Thus, the existence of its own means Wayne will be released around October 2012 that will come. And the new Nvidia itself reportedly will start sending the prototype silicon for manufacturers and software developers in December 2011.


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