Lulzsec turn a Loss

Sunday, July 3, 2011

If previously the site often makes people fall out, now it is down Lulzsec site. Is the Jester, a hacker who has a big name in the community "underground" did it.

This he expressed through his Twitter account (@ th3j35t3r) which says " - TANGO DOWN - 'this is General Hummel, from Alcatraz, Out - for the lulz".

Jester give the link itself is a result of its investigation as to find out the real figure of Shabu-hacker who is suspected to be the leader Lulzsec.

According to Jester, Shabu has a name Kaotico alias Xavier Xavier de Leon, and worked as an independent technology consultant. The location is thought to be in New York, and has a high interest in the programming language Python, Linux, and network security.

Another hacker named Oneroi also admitted to participating sites Lulzsec shed them. As quoted by the Guardian, called the operation named Operation Oneroi Supernova has managed to shed their Lulzsec site. Currently, our site can still access Lulzsec. However Oneroi claim that we see now is a backup of Cloudflare, Lulzsec service provider used.

Jester himself fairly well-known name in the hacker community as an anti-terrorist individuals and anarchy (some call it a pro-U.S. government). She had long fight against the hacker group Anonymous and later Lulzsec (the so-called splinter Anonymous). In fact, the group Lulzsec had several times tried to uncover the real identity of the Jester, but to no avail.

Now, turn that reveals the identity dedengkot Jester Lulzsec. Given the high level of skills between the two groups, the fight will surely heat up the hackers.


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