NSF Funds Give 10 Million Dollars To Harvard For Experimental Robot Bee

Monday, July 25, 2011

Development of the robotics world is interesting to note. Many institutions eventually compete to perform experiments to create advanced robots and can perform activities like living beings.
National Science Foundation provided funds amounting to 10 million USD or about 100 billion dollars to Harvard to conduct experiments in the manufacture of a flock of robotic bees that fly to and fro, like bees in general.

Previously the Harvard alone has managed to fly a robotic bees with a special program that is planted in it. With this new experiment is expected by the cooperation between NSF and Harvard would pay off the flock of robotic bees.

The purpose of this robot is making in order to produce a robot that can fly with a small size, besides saving energy. With a flock of robotic bees that later will be used on the battlefield or to spy because of the large-sized robot and can not fly, it can not be granted. The plan is to be able to make the robot works well, it takes at least time over the next 5 years to experiment. Hmmmm, long enough I guess, but hopefully it so the funds will not be wasted later.


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