RC Toy Car Bluedrone to Controlled Android Phone Wireless

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Recently a toy company named Bluedrone make a new breakthrough. They managed to make a toy RC car that can dikotrol with bluetooth connection with the use of an android-based tool. The first product they made ​​was a toy RC car Nissan GT-R with a 1:20 scale model.
To be able to control these toys through the smartphone, you need an application that can be downloaded free of charge. After the application is obtained, then the users of Android-based smartphone can play your heart's content. The application also allows users to play RC car via a touch screen on the smartphone.

RC toy car is compatible with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR that can be paired, and allows it to be controlled up to a distance of 9:14 meters. These toys use AA batteries which last up to three hours, and a cell phone or tablet-based Android 2.1 or higher. This toy has a 00:27 weight kg and the dimensions 30.2 × 8.1 × 6.9 cm.

Currently Bluedrone have not marketed this toy. The company's owner, Stephen Mark is looking for investors who are able to provide a fund of USD 200.00 or USD 1.7 billion. Currently it has only USD 3660, or approximately USD 30 million. He said he promised to complete the manufacture of these toys are 8-12 weeks after the funds collected. Today this toy priced USD $ 59 or $ 500 thousand for early bookings.


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