Realized Samsung Will Use Flexible AMOLED Panels In the Year 2012

Saturday, July 30, 2011

South Korean electronics manufacturer Samsung Electronics apparently preparing to increase its production based on the latest p0anel besutannya. The new panel is reportedly able to offer a similar resolution WVGA 4.5-inch panel that Samsung has introduced last year. Amazingly, these panels can be treated just like paper, and is open to a variety of new applications.
For its realization, Samsung is preparing a new panel is primarily for smartphones, and even Samsung's own reportedly going to be mass produced beginning next year. Manufacturing country of origin of ginseng is also currently planning the implementation of these panels in a variety of products, more broadly, including small devices such as watches, or larger such as MIDs, and even tablet PCs.

The flexibility of this new panel will certainly be the right choice in the application for the existing range of display devices. The new screen is made of polyimide plastic substrate that replaces the traditional glass substrate, so it can be rolled up to the roll diameter of 2cm.

The use of AMOLED technology with this panel enables low power consumption and eliminates the need for backlight. And another great, new screens can be viewed as an unbreakable material that it becomes one of its own breakthrough in this regard.

In addition, Samsung also reportedly is developing a more flexible panel technology, including AMOLED screen that can be folded. And this is the tablet PC prototype that could be folded into a smaller cell phones, thus offering a wider usefulness to its users.

Unlike the flexible AMOLED that would be realized as soon as possible in the near future, it turns out the realization of a foldable screen is unknown so far.


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