Samsung to Produce Smartphone with Dual Core 2Ghz Processor Samsung Exynos Year 2012

Monday, July 25, 2011

A high official of Samsung, which unfortunately still did not give his name, said that his company is the Samsung plans to release a dual core 2GHz CPU smartphones next year. Samsung officials then said that it would be easier for companies to produce a 4GHz single-core CPUs instead of one dual-core processor with half the frequency, but given the limited period of time they found a battery of multi-core CPUs are still a better choice.
Samsung is also considering selling their CPUs to other manufacturers under their own brand of Exynos which is also used on the Samsung Gaalxy 2 S. Given the performance of the chip is a powerful first Exynos there may be plenty of other manufacturers who are interested. But whether it would be threatening its own smartphone sales Samung we do not know. (via GSMArena)


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