The successor generation Alienware M11x R3 is estimated Present In Early April

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Since Dell introduced some time ago, the figure Alienware M11x R3 incarnated as the power generation of the latest gaming laptop in the world when it has seized the attention of many people especially among the gaming industry on the move. And to better meet the desires of gamers as a gaming device is reliable, Dell is reportedly just for the sake of setting the refresh to update existing models with features and specifications that have been firmly attached to the laptop game.

According to information disseminated by the Dell-Lab recently, the initial specification of the next reincarnation M11x model reportedly now been revealed. Associated with it there is a pretty shocking here, that Dell's own party has reportedly decided to abandon support for Core 2 Duo is considered outdated and instead to shift its support for the latest processor in Intel's Sandy Bridge is currently on the rise.

And consequently, the user will be presented with several options available processor support, including Core i5-2537M with a clock of 1.4GHz, Core i7-2617M with a clock of 1.5GHz, or Core i7-2657M with a clock of 1.6GHz. The reasons supporting the latest processors is because these processors have dual-core processing system and the Turbo Boost and hyperthreading support. In addition, it also has a TDP of only 17W 8 cell battery with a mix of existing 63WHR so be durable and suited to run the game play session is known can be very extreme and spend unlimited time course.

Meanwhile, Alienware machine is also equipped with features 8GB of 1333MHz DDR3 memory, a wide selection of 7200RPM HDD with a capacity of 250GB to 750GB or 256GB SSD Samsung P810 capacity, as well as the presence of broadband WWAN connectivity on 3G or LTE / WiMax 4G.

Regarding the features of the display screen, reportedly also comes with a glossy white panel measuring 11.6-inch LED backlit display with 1366 × 768 pixels. For Alienware M11x model is currently supported by Nvidia GeForce 335M GPU is paired together with a 1GB video buffer. While support for GPU on next Alienware models will likely dibesut series Nvidia graphics card with 400 or 500 series. And unfortunately so far not known definitive information about the GPU support.

Alienware M11x color display is reportedly still be dominated by red and black are the same as the previous generation. Although not expected to be sticking out at the beginning of next April, but many people predicted that the price per unit may not be much more expensive than the existing version of the Alienware laptop today. Well, so do not be too curious so it's good if you listen to the features and specifications Alienware M11x R3, which is never quoted by Dell Labs some time ago:

* AC Adapter / Charger: 90W

* Battery: 8-Cell 63WHr
* Display LCD Screen: 11.6 ", 1366 × 768, TrueLife glossy panels, White-LED backlight
* Options memeori RAM: 1GB/2GB/4GB/8GB, 1333MHz, DDR3
* Choice of processor support: i5-2537M, 1.4GHz up to 2.3GHz
* I7-2617M, 1.5GHz up to 2.6GHz
* I7-2657M, 1.6GHz up to 2.7GHz
* Hard drive options: 250GB / 320GB / 500GB / 640GB / 750GB, SATA2, 7200rpm
* SSD: 256GB, SATA2, Samsung P810
* Wireless Connectivity Options: WWAN 3G, LTE / WiMax 4G
* Color Options: Red / Black, Soft Touch
* Unfortunately so far no detailed information about the existence of the GPU support.


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