Throughout the 6-inch Mikrobot Walk On Water Surface Without Drowning

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A mikrobot who could walk on water surfaces have been successfully created. The scientists said the Forum to make this mikrobot derived from insects that can walk on water surfaces, such as mosquito or spider water.

Mikrobot has a length of 6 inches and 10 have water repellent and two wires that act as feet to move this mikrobot above the water. This robot can walk, stand, even jumping over the water surface without sinking.

Mikrobot weighing 3.88 grams was able to walk on the water surface with a speed of 6 inches per second without sinking. This is the first robot that resembles an insect.

But recognize that the velocity of the insect mikrobot is still too slow. They still work to be able to increase the velocity of this mikrobot. If the robot already has the velocity, which is nice, and of course can be made cheaply, the researchers hope to use it to solve the problem of water pollution.


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