we7, Radio Free Application for Android-Based Cloud

Monday, July 25, 2011

Listening to radio broadcasts while traveling between cities are far apart are often hampered by the presence of transmission range of radio broadcasting itself. sHowever, over the cloud-based computing technologies, has recently been present we7 a radio streaming application that allows users to listen to favorite radio broadcasts even when the user is out of range though.
we7 on this application comes from the name of the manufacturer who has been providing streaming services to Internet Radio Plus cloud-based popular in England. Currently the service has been accessed by more than 3 million monthly subscribers in the UK. And they can listen to the music he wants to create personal radio stations as well as making special requests for songs, albums or artists favorite. Mobile radio applications have just introduced will allow its users to create their own personal radio station that can be run anytime and anywhere.
According to the manufacturer, users will be able to listen to his favorite radio station when you are out of reach thanks to the buffering and caching mechanisms are innovative. Even without a constant connection to the GSM network, the playback will not be disturbed. And another great, this application transfers data to the users of low-cost PAYG (Pay-as-You-Go).

Steve Purdham who now serves as CEO at the company we7, explaining that it is basically a mobile device signals that there will not be counted on to do the streaming radio. But with this latest we7 application you can still stream the radio transmissions even if you lose your favorite radio broadcasts with no connection though.

Reportedly we7 radio applications based on Android will be available in March 2011 as well. And applications for the first time released the Beta version will offer ad-free radio service for free.

The users who want to be able to choose songs, albums and playlists itself, it can switch to a subscription service available at the rate of £ 9.99, or about 140 thousand per month. We7 radio application will be available in the Android Marketplace which can be downloaded for free. And even in April 2011 will also be available as an application platform for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch. As for your Blackberry device users, and Windows 7 Phone please be patient and do not be discouraged, the article version of the application is reportedly also will be available in late 2011.


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