Will Box.net Integrates With Google Docs

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cloud-based storage advantages that carried the Google Docs application seems to have made the party on Box.net felt challenged and eager to immediately integrate themselves into Google's document management services. Regardless of the device it uses, Google Docs allows users not only have access to his documents all the time, but users can also share with a variety of applications and people.
In a blog post recently, Aaron Levie, who served as CEO and Co-founder of Box.net, explaining the reason why his side still relying on a desktop application for creating, editing and managing documents, which clearly it is because it can not break the habit to certain programs. But even so, he believes that users can accelerate the transition to cloud-based document management, and integration of the newly announced Google Docs with more or less intended to achieve it.

"Starting today, 6 million users Box application can be easily created and collaborating on Google Docs and Spreadsheets Box of applications, as well as edit the existence of more than 50 million Word and Excel files already stored on the platform of Us."

In other words, the future Box application users will have the opportunity to benefit from many advanced features such as editing together or threaded discussions, and other functions that can not be accessed using a desktop application.

And Levie also stressed that the integration between the productivity of Box.net and Google ranks Web bind to "change the way people work". On the other hand, he also considers other aspects of the right to remove yaang mentions that Microsoft is now in a position to provide the same cloud-based capabilities.

He did not rule out the possibility that Microsoft's upcoming Office 365 will be sedasyat Google Docs, he simply stated that in the present, including the Mountain View-based company that has products that Cloud is better judged.

"We hope to one day when we can offer to its users, the choice between the experience of Microsoft Office and Google Docs experience. But until then, we will continue to invest in relationships Us with Google to create the best experience in managing these cloud-based document ".


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