Will Present-Based Asus Netbook Atom N435 Meego With Support

Monday, July 4, 2011

Although netbooks are not sepopular years ago, but the netbook does not seem to be disappearing from the IT market, especially now when the ASUS support on specific operating systems are now beginning to branch off.

After pemasaranya had increased rapidly until early 2010, suddenly became a little choked up marketing netbook tablet when the industry appeared to take over. And the impact it actually had a significant decrease for the existence of netbooks on the market.

Just like unto a tablet device is released into the market for 500 USD, or about 4.3 million dollars, then it would probably cause the price of netbooks fall much lower than that. And even for the price of ASUS Eee PC X101 whose price is quite lower levels of course will reach the most price is so low that there is essentially no longer in existence netbook if it really happened.

According to Digitimes, the mobile personal computer or better known as netbooks are intended for low-end segment will reportedly begin to be marketed in particular by Asus in July 2011. For Meego-based netbook priced 199 USD or about 1.7 million, while netbooks based on Windows 7 will be priced between 310 (approximately 2.7 million dollars) to 350 USD (around 3 million rupiah).

Of all the models of netbooks are reportedly going to mengasupinya with the Asus CPU support Intel Atom N435 single core with a clock speed of 1.33 GHz. And related it, this addition to the CPU model will be used by Asus, reportedly will also be adopted by several other manufacturers including Acer, Samsung, Lenovo and others.

But certainly, this device is not the only one who will be prepared by ASUS. and for now, reportedly is developing an ultra-thin laptops measuring 13 inches with the latest NVIDIA support. While the industrial sector of the tablet, Asus is also reportedly preparing a replacement from ASUS Eee Pad Transformer with a new generation of SoC supported by Kal El.


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