American FBI to Make iPhone Applications Find the Prodigal Son

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Federal Bureau of Investigation or the FBI's domestic abbreviated, Uncle Sam has just launched its first mobile application. Applications berbama Child ID is working to find missing children.

With this application, the parents can store photos and information about her children. With the photo and the child's special characteristics in this application, in case of unwanted things, parents can send the information directly the information to the authorities. Enough with just one button, no need to bother coming to the repo, the police or other relevant agencies.

In addition, this application also gives tips to parents if the child is lost. The FBI said initial attitude of parents when a child is lost very important. They further said that the FBI will not store the data contained in the application. Such data will always be safe and privacy of mobile users, unless the mobile users share it to the FBI.
Child ID applications this can be undung for free for the iPhone. Soon, the Child ID will be available in a variety of platforms


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