Andreessen: Advantages Facebook Uphill In Numbers 500 Million USD in 2009

Friday, August 12, 2011

Surely you are familiar with the name of Facebook, in fact rarely of us spend so much time to always update their status on Facebook. Nice indeed if we can communicate with others and know what they're doing right now. Moreover, Facebook has also been very accessible also via mobile phones. Various websites on the internet were competing to be working with the Facebook. So it was no doubt, Facebook today how his fame.

One of the owners of the shares of Facebook, Marc Andreessen some time ago had interviewed by Reuters news agency, he stated that in 2009 this company's profits reached 500 million USD, and did not seem to be much longer will touch the figure Billions of dollars, that's what he expected.

"It was a big mistake for shareholders Facebook, which now sell it back." Which had been rumored that the stake in Facebook was up and down, but in May, one of Russia's major companies has funded 200 million USD for the website. Now not only the ads are to be land gains Facebook. But also connections that can be created by other websites were profitable as well, such as Facebook Connect which has 10,000 websites already connected to Facebook today.

Andressen who became an important person in Netscape and Silicon Valley has been on Facebook for a year recently. Involvement in their own Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at the request of that time said that "Marc is a great industry leader, we were lucky he would join us."


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