Batteries Microscopy Successfully Created by Size Smaller Than 60 Thousand AAA Batteries

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The researchers succeeded in creating a microscopic battery. Despite its small size, this battery can store energy that is larger and can be used for electronic devices small, like the sensors used to monitor single cells. Batteries are so small, when compared with AAA batteries, battery size smaller 60,000. With Lemar 150 nanometers, these batteries even six times thinner than a bacterium.

The researchers succeeded in creating these batteries are researchers from Rice University. They say the battery has a capacity batteries and a superkapasitor. Superkapasitor, they said, can produce more energy than batteries.

Small-sized battery is made from a collection of thousands of arrays. Each battery is a nanowire or nano-sized wires, with one end that serves as the negative electrode and the other serves as the positive electrode.

The researchers said the battery is still not ready to be circulated in public. They claim still needs many improvements, especially the problem of battery lifetime. Batteries are currently only able to survive for 20 replenishment. They hope before off to the market, these problems can be solved first.


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