Careful Too Old Cell Phone Use Can Interfere Eye Health

Friday, August 19, 2011

Be careful for those of you who like to linger with a smartphone in your hands. Can-can eye be one of your vital organs can be damaged. Especially for those who wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.

A professor named Dr. Mark Rosenfield of NUNY State College of Optometry in New York say that the eyes are working too hard can lead to several things, among others dizzy and red eyes. He said, if the distance between the eyes with an object is too close, it indicates that the eyes are working hard to be able to focus on the object. As a result, the eye will be tired and showed some symptoms, such as mentioned above.

Chat, SMS was and browsing the Internet using a smartphone can make your eyes work too hard, especially if the distance between the eyes and smartphones are too close. It can make dry eyes, discomfort and blurred vision.

Then he did some research. The first research conducted on 130 people who averaged 23.3 years old. He asked them when they read the message on the smartphone respectively.

Subsequently he undertook a study of 100 participants who were on average 24 years old. This time is different, he asked them when they were reading the information on the website.

Then he measured the distance between the eyes with a smartphone and do not forget to record the size of the font of the text. When read in the newspapers, the distance between the eye and the object usually is 16 inches. While most research participants is only 14 inches away from a smartphone when reading SMS.

Furthermore, for participants who browse the internet even more severe. The average distance between the eyes with a smartphone than 100 people is 12.6 inches.

Rosenfield concluded, it is caused by the font size on your smartphone. Therefore he hoped the eye doctor who did tests on the user's smartphone. If this is done continuously, he said, can lead to excessive work for the eyes.


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