DK Geminoid Latest Android Robot Is A Very Realistic

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Have you ever imagine that someday humans will have a twin (clone) are identical in the figure of a robot? Yes indeed difficult to imagine, and perhaps this may be just sort of engineering or trick someone just to fool many people. Yes legitimate people think so, but who would have thought, with the development and sophistication of today's robotic technology it seems nothing is impossible, is not it!

Human-like robots which can only be witnessed in a movie or science fiction stories, it seems about to be closer to reality. The problem originated from the collaboration that has been done by a group of scientists from Japan and Denmark, they reportedly had just successfully developed the latest Geminoid robot series of ultra-realistic android who in addition is designed in a figure similar to humans, the robot is also capable of expression, body movement and communicate like a human being. Yes indeed a remarkable achievement and deserves high appreciation course.

Although this is merely an experiment, but this proves that a robot that can be 100% similar to humans probably is not a story about a utopian or a mere figment. And as the development of robot technology from time to time, anything can happen later.

As what has been disclosed previously, the collaboration of Japanese and Danish scientists on their own within the scope of the development of a project that turned out Geminoid DK has lasted about one year. Geminoid robot itself was developed by Kokoro and Hiroshi Ishiguro by taking models of the human figure from a university professor Scharfe Aalborg, Denmark.

Prior to inhabit a lab in Denmark, said Geminoid robot must pass through stages of setting up and testing in advance is now done at the Japan Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International (ATR) in Nara, Japan. Geminoid robot is said to be used to examine the level of emotional (emotional affordances) in human-robot interaction, the idea of ​​thinking, and how certain cultural habits in the perception of a robot.

These are some of the problems faced by Hiroshi Ishiguro when he created a clone of the previous robot Geminoid HI-1 that figure is taken from the author himself (Hiroshi Ishiguro) and F Geminoid the figure is taken from a Japanese model in her early twenties. But the professor of Osaka University and group leader in the ATR, it appears refused when asked to provide information about his involvement with this project so far Geminoid DK.

As with other Geminoid robot, all the movements and expressions DK Geminoid robot driven remotely by an operator using a computer. Thanks to the application of motion-capture system block, there is, the robot can make facial expressions and head movements, and even moving his mouth though.


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