Facebook Love Money 500 Dollars For You Can Find a Bug in Her website

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Facebook tried to get its users to work together to improve Web site security system. Their latest offering prize money sejublam 500 dollars or about 4 million dollars for those who find bugs or loopholes in the facebook site that are likely to divulge personal information to its users.

If you have found a problem or a facebook site, tell them. Facebook has made a portal called white hats, Researchers, and write down anyone who helped them in the portal.

However, bugs or problems you find are not derived from the Facebook site, or in other words from a third party, you will not get money in return. For example, if you encounter problems in the game's built-in Facebook, then Facebook will not give in return.

In addition, Facebook offers only one return for one bug. So who is faster to find a bug, then he is rewarded.


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