Give Yeston Graphics Card HD 6950 Newest Game Master

Monday, August 29, 2011

In the middle of last May, Yeston had asserted that it was undertaking the development of customized versions of the Radeon HD 6950 graphics card which will feature a unique cooling similar conch. And after everything is completed, reportedly Yeston is now just beginning to market graphics card with another name that is Game Master R6950.

HD 6950 graphics card featuring colorful designs and features that most typical 110mm fan-turbine placed inside like a conch shell to optimize air flow inside the graphics card.

Compared with normal 80mm blower used by AMD, Yeston fan features a slight modification, including a larger turbine engines and redesigned axis, as well as the rotational speed set at 1800RPM.

At the end of the stand base plate cooling solution featuring five 65mm2 copper heat pipes to draw heat from the GPU and the aluminum heatsink.

According to his own Yeston, all these changes allow it to substantially reduce noise and temperature of the existing graphics card and the test is run by Expreview which the maximum temperature reached by the Game Master R6950 when running FurMark never exceeds 60 degrees Celsius.

This performance is quite impressive considering the graphics card has a GPU that runs 50MHz higher than the AMD reference design (850MHz vs. 800MHz).

The clock speed of 2GB of video memory has not reached (1.25GHz), but this card has a redesigned PCB with PWM designs that were discussed so much.

On the back of the graphics card, Yeston has placed two decoupling capacitors NEC-built, an aluminum backplate and users will also find two DIP switches that allow users to disable the current card protection.

So far not known, whether the Game Master R6950 been marketed outside of Asia or not, but the graphics card has now been marketed in China for 1999 Yuan per unit.


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