Ice Cream Sandwich Android screenshots Latest Circulating on the Internet is dominated Blue Color

Saturday, August 20, 2011

A photo phones with Android OS Ice Cream Sandwich circulating on the internet. Though the screenshot is almost similar to the look of Android that exist today.

Owner of the photo says, if indeed there are similarities with the android OS is currently available, it is because the Ice Cream Sandwich is under development. Total there are outstanding emapt screenshots. Screenshot image is taken from a cell phone that has the OS Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich.

If judging from the look of the picture, it seems that the appearance of Ice Cream Sandwiches will be dominated by the color blue. Much different when compared with the view that dominated Gingerbread green color. Additionally Ice Cream Sandwiches also provides convenience in customization, making it easier for users to change the theme or the like.

In addition, there is a built-in 'panorama' mode for the camera, which became a standard feature of this OS. Then, if your phone supports NFC, Ice Cream Sandwiches provide facilities with the Google Shopper.

Nexus S certainly will be equipped with this OS, but the Nexus Prime will be the first phone powered OS Ice Cream Sandwich.


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