Japanese Researchers Develop Robot hummingbird To Rescue And Reconnaissance Mission

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The development of the robot world is indeed capable of consuming our attention. It's great concepts created a robot that now because the point is to help people, lighten the work or performing any work that could hardly be done by humans.

Not inconceivable that at times of natural disasters like the earthquake in Padang some time ago that killed many lives in which many of the victims could have saved a life lost in vain because of the difficulty known to exist beneath the rubble pile that was difficult to trace if there were any casualties survive or not.

Of course this heavy task may be easier to do if we have a small surveillance robot that could slip in the crevices of buildings.

In Japan are now being developed hummingbird shaped robot which is when you see these birds is very small in size and weighs just less than 1 ounce. Hummingbird is known to be very small and flexible so that it can berputas around, flying back and forth quickly. Some researchers at Chiba University near Tokyo is currently carrying out experiments for the sake of making this a robot bird which the robot will be equipped with infrared sensors and cameras.

Less is more nearly 2 million USD has been spent to continue to develop the robot, it is estimated by 2011, robots will be able to fly and can reach dangerous places to rescue the building for use as a bird or the trackers. Hmmm, let's hope this bird robot project come to fruition soon, at least will be much useful for the human life course.


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