Logitech Speakers Tablet to Accompany You Enjoy Music from Tablets

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Logitech is a creative company, saw the phenomenon of tablet spreading everywhere they have seen the need for tablet users who feel less loud speakers so they launched the Logitech Speakers Tablet, a battery-powered accessory that can be attached at the top or side of your tablet and replace the sound of your tablets with a small speaker audio sound louder, clear and in stereo.

These speakers are perfect for any tablets, because it uses the headphone jack of your tablet to remove the audio is not a USB port / proprietary. This means that even if you do not have a tablet then the speakers can be useful, because every smartphone or portable media player can use it.

Perfect when you run out of battery tablet at a party / event. The speakers can last up to eight hours, and if you have a USB port practical, charged. Logitech Speakers Tablet can dipreorder now with the price of $ 49.99.


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