Logitech Unveils Mouse & Keyboard for Android-based Tablet Bluetooth

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Companies that popular computer accessories maker Logitech has introduced the new wireless mouse designed for tablet running Google Android 3.1. This mouse looks just like a mouse in general.

Though Google's Android operating system was originally designed for finger input for, Google is adding support for USB peripherals in the Android version 3.1. That means you can plug almost any USB mouse, keyboard or game controller and use it with Android tablets that are already using Android 3.1.

Android operating system version 3.1 will show the cursor on the screen when you connect a mouse, which means you can scroll through content or use the mouse to point and click as you would on a desktop computer running Windows, Linux, or OS X. But the Logitech mouse or keyboard connected to a tablet or other device via a Bluetooth wireless connection instead of USB connections, and other works like the mouse after you pair it with your tablet ..

Logitech Mouse Tablet runs using 2 AA batteries and comes with a protective pouch. Logitech mouse is priced to sell 49.99 USD.

While Logitech Keyboard for tablet use as many as 4 pieces of AAA batteries and carrying case with a backrest can also be used as a tablet. Logitech Keyboard price for this tablet is 54.99 USD.


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