mChip Cheap Chip to Detect Disease in Blood.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

If you are afraid to do blood tests to a doctor, maybe one of this technology is the solution. mChip, a chip that is designed to be able to perform blood tests with accurate results and fast.
Imagine, if you do a blood test at the doctor, the result will probably be out a day, week, or even a month later. Of course it can provide its own burden of thinking for your brain. With this tool, test results can be known only within 15 minutes. Very, very fast.

Not only that, the test results also can be known directly by you. No need a doctor to perform a particular interpretation. The price is fairly cheap, a dollar or no less than 10 thousand dollars.

Obviously with the inexpensive chips, the detection of diseases such as AIDS / HIV, syphilis can be done easily.


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