MMORPG Dragon Nest Game Review by Fast Action Battle Concept

Friday, August 26, 2011

The concept of fast action combat gameplay that was adopted into the MMORPG gamers are quite interested audiences online. However MMORPG Dragon Nest is not the first to offer the concept. Several other titles have also been competing MMORPG present fast action gameplay concept, but not as expected by the gamers. Then Did Dragon Nest Fast Action presents his concept of gameplay? Let's look below.

This online game Called Tells a fantasy world Lagendia created by the god of Altea. Unfortunately, the god of Altea poisoned by an evil brother named Vestinel. Lagendia world was on the edge of destruction by the invasion of monsters. In this online game, we will assume the role of being a Hero of Lagendia are struggling to find the antidote and save the world Lagendia. Story online game play is very strong, it proved as long as we tested the main quests in this online game will be presented in a cinematic game like RPG games offline, making it easier for us to understand the meaning of the story in this online game.


After logging in you can create your character by defining our model and color of hair, expression on the face and skin color, shirt color, pants, to shoes. Then we have to choose one of the main characters of 4 classes including Warrior, Sorceress, Archer and Cleric. Each character class will have a different status, such as the Warrior has a high STR points compared with the other character classes.

Our arrival in town, we can take the quest by talking to the NPC that has an exclamation point. After receiving the quest, then on the right side of the screen will be displayed along with the title of the directional arrows quest objectives and measures the distance how far our purpose. With a feature like this, search and quest NPC that we're going to be easy and not waste time trying to get around. As for side quests and collect items ranged only to find the missing NPC.

Upon entering the dungeon, we can choose several levels of difficulty, including Easy, Normal, Hard, Master, and Abyss. For the Master difficulty level and the Abyss will present a number of monsters are far more numerous and very brutal. Highly recommended to make a party before plunging directly into the dungeon with the level of difficulty. In exploring the dungeon we will find a mild puzzle, as we must kill all the monsters to be able to activate the lever and open the door or gate is closed. Throughout the dungeon, we will also encounter some drums or a bookshelf can be demolished which sometimes also contain items other than money. In fact we can also find a treasure chest that contains various items of value and quality.

At the end of the dungeon we will face the Dungeon Boss who sometimes has a size larger than normal enemy and certainly much stronger and require hard work to defeat it. By creating combos as high as possible we will collect a lot of value points and earn a high score value in getting exp. After that, we can choose one of the main of the 4 treasure chests that are there to get a gift that contain random items. Exp collected after full, our character will level up and can distribute the Skill Point on the available skills in the skill tree. When reached level 15, we can choose one of the main characters of the two sub-classes are available, such as Clerics can progress to the Paladin or Priest.

The main feature of this MMORPG is the Fast Action. So our character can perform a barrage of attacks and combos to create the highest possible, and we are shaking the character using the keys W, A, S, D, then we can jump and avoid taking out the character skills that can be accessed quickly by using the number keys on the keyboard. So that makes the battle in this online game full of action and very exciting. Speed ​​finger we become one of the main key to victory addition of a high-level characters and completing a powerful armor and weapons.


This game has a nice graphical display is filled with bright colors and sharp. Design shapes the character is also very cool and cute looks like Final Fantasy characters and shapes are also not telalu creepy monsters. Then the level of detail in game graphics are good enough for a MMORPG. So also with the skill that issued the character we look radiant and lustrous. While the music accompanying the game, sounded quite fit with the atmosphere of the game. Like when were in town, we will listen to with songs melodious and soothing.


MMORPG games are quite interesting but unfortunately the tempo of the game Fast Action on gameplaynya less taste, just seem to play an action game offline only. After a long play, maybe you will feel bored if you do not party with friends in the dungeon and do not enjoy PvP, called Nest War, which is also an excellent feature in this MMORPG. Aside from all that, gameplaynya feels like a standard MMORPG with a good visual. MMORPG can be played for free through the Asian servers.

Dragon Nest

Developer: Eyedentity Games
Publisher: Nexon
Release Date: July 26, 2011


Story 70
Gameplay 80
Graphic 85
Overall 80


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