My Sims Racing

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Yes, The Sims is now entering the world of racing. In this game the race offered a very interesting and full of fun elements. This game offers three game modes, namely the Story Mode, Quick Race and Multiplayer modes. Now for the multiplayer mode, pitting players can race with other players by using Wi-Fi connection. Then in Quick Race, players simply select the track and up against the computer AI in 5 difficulty levels to choose from. But to open a race track in Quick Race mode, players must follow the Story Mode.

Before entering Story Mode, players will make the avatar, selecting gender, clothing model, color, helmet color, and color of the logo on the shirt. For color selection is presented with sufficient detail, as well as on the computer drawing program. After that, we can choose the car model, there are 4 × 4 cars, Hatchback, antique cars, etc.. As the game some new cars will also be open, like a sports car, fire engine, etc.. Color selection can also be done as car color choice in avatars. In addition, players can also choose the type of wheel, for the conditions on a smooth road or on the road off-road.

After that, players will enter a town named Speed ​​Ville. In this city the player must fight in the careers of zero to become the number one rider to generate speed Ville city. Studying abroad, players can get around by using cars and get side missions and other challenges. To get it, the player can see the section map that will show the iconic face of the NPC. Then the car to one of the main runway NPC and he will give you side missions. The mission - the mission ranged from NPC escort to a place to go, collect items scattered in the city within a certain time, and so on. And as a result, players will receive a number of points Essential Coin as a reward.

In addition, players can also visit some other important places, such as workshops, where in place, players can change their car, upgrading, and even customizing the car. Later in the garage, players can change their models of clothes, helmets, and even hairstyles. In the city there is also a race track that should be followed by the player. For track races are available in this game is quite varied and unique.

For the gameplay of this game, similar to the game Crazy Kart. Players will race against other players to become the number one so I can win this race and get some points Essential Coin and blueprints. Now for the Blueprint will be used to upgrade your car at the Workshop. But the upgrade, the player also must meet several requirements, such as the number of points that must be met Essential Coin.

Okay back to the topic of gameplay, Along the path there will be gift boxes that can be taken. Because of the gift contains items randomly and will be used to deceive your opponents and protect you from opponent attack. In this game item - the item is quite varied and unique. As there is a pumpkin if thrown on the opponent will make the vision impaired, then there is your opponent's ball to make the car skid, there are seeds which if thrown would grow trees as a barrier, bottle of soda that can be used to accelerate the car, which if used shields to protect your car of the opponent's attack, and many more.

O well, on some tracks there are also platforms that illustrated arrows, If the car passed the pace car the player will increase. Then there is also a street rat that can be seen on the map screen. Usually the way these mice can help players to catch up and usually there are also attractive gifts that contains points Essential Coin.

To the top screen on the NDS will serve as the game screen while the bottom screen will serve as a map. Then for the D-pad as the directional control car. Then for the function of gas A and B button to stop or rewind function. While the L key function for using items obtained. Graphics in this game is designed quite cute like Crazy Kart games and is very suitable for NDS didominan with children to adults. Then the music in this game is also quite pleasant and filled with cheerful comfortable nuasa heard by children.

Overall, this game is very exciting to be played starting from children to adults. And this is not just a racing game packed to the race course, but the RPG elements, customization, and the mission make this racing game is not properly qualified and easily bored.

My Sims Racing

Publisher: Electronic Arts
Developer: Artificial Mind & Movement
Genre: Racing
Platform: NDS / Emulator on PC


Gameplay 85
Graphic 80
Sound 80


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