MySQL 5.4 Oracle rival Will So?

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Using open source products are considered very suitable, if you would not have enough funds to use products that have to pay a license. Undoubtedly, for the Indonesian people themselves not infrequently we find the proliferation of pirated products. But what could I do, this is certainly more complicated, when we are faced with the need to learn something, of course, to pay a license of certain products will certainly drain our pockets. Well, it's also the dilemma that until now still not really get a solution. Even if there is a solution, the answer is yes it using open source products.

Not long ago, MySQL 5.4 was announced to the audience, of course, an open source version of the database is repaired from the previous version, which is limited only use a maximum of 4 processors. But this time alone, MySQL is able to handle up to 16 processor that can support x86 servers that use multiple cores per processor. In other words, MySQL is far too much focus in the use of web-based system to become more serious orients itself to the enterprise version. Then how the response from Oracle? Was feeling pretty unrivaled? Oracle actually welcome the arrival of this latest version of MySQL.

Oracle itself ready to win or may lose from MySQL. But Oracle seems not to be outdone by MySQL so it's better than rival each other, may be better to support each other and united. Well, business is good for Oracle's own because it far Oracle already has InnoDB. While the MySQL database itself can be said to be a primer for web-based terms.


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