NY Times Launches New Look with Display Almost Same with newspapers

Sunday, August 14, 2011

NY times news site has launched a new look for its site that uses an application called Times Skimmer. NY Times Web site visitors can expect to feel the sensation of reading news on the internet such as reading the newspaper. One of them, they equate the font size of text on the site with the font size in the paper.

Not only that, the NY Times site visitors can also change the theme layout. The trick, the visitors simply press the customize button and select an existing theme. Easy enough right?

To use this application, the NY Times site visitors do not need to download any application. But the Times Skimmer applications can only run for the browser tententu, among others, Firefox 3, Safari 4, Chrome, Internet Explorer 7 and 8, and Opera 10. For IE 6 the need for additional applications, namely Google Chrome Frame.

Want to try? Get to http://www.nytimes.com/skimmer


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