Palm SDK SDK Web Based namely Ares Reach Final Release

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Four months after entering the beta version, namely Ares SDK SDK from Palm-based web for webOS, has reached the final 1.0 version that provides new facilities. The editor is great because it does not require any installation of this SDK can be run from a single web.

The following are the features offered by Ares SDK:

* A drag-and-drop visual interface builder
* A code editing environment
* Visual Javascript debugger
* Log Viewer Utility
* Framework enhancements to support Easier layout and event handling
* Single-click deployment / launch on device or emulator
* Drag-and-drop file upload, file / project download
* Version Control Integration (SVN / Mercurial)

Browsers supported:

* OSX: Safari 4.0 +, Firefox 3.5 +
* Windows: Chrome 3, 4, Firefox 3.5 +, Safari 4.0 +
* Linux: Firefox 3.5 +

Browsers are not supported:

* Chrome 4 beta for mac (Launch, other plugin-related features do not work)
* Firefox 3.0.x
* Internet Explorer

You can find new features in this release:

You go to


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