Researchers Discover Virus Repellent Will Almost All Diseases

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Currently a cure for all diseases caused by bacteria already exist. Simply by using antibiotics, the bacteria can already be handled. But it can not be done. And it seems the experts from MIT wants it implemented.

Viruses can cause various types of diseases. Include influenza, ebola, and cancer. Fighting viruses has proven difficult. The dokterpun have complained about this for years.

Now researchers at MIT Lincoln Laboratory say they have been able to synthesize a new type of drug can treat almost all types of diseases in humans. Compounds such research experts literally can identify a diseased cell. Furthermore, the compound will kill that cell.

The most amazing thing of this compound is a selective way it works. These compounds are only working on areas of infected cells, whereas the surrounding area is maintained.

They have tested these compounds terhadapa 15 kinds of viruses, including rhinovirus that causes influenza H1N1, stomach virus, the virus poly, and several other viruses. And good, this drug had no side effects.


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