Researchers from Stanford University Successfully Create a Transparent Battery

Monday, August 1, 2011

Some researchers are currently trying to develop a transparent gadgets. One form of such experiments is the LG GD900 with transparent keypad. But until now there is no gadget that is completely transparent.
But lately there are new breakthroughs achieved by researchers at Stanford Universtas. They claim to have managed to make lithium ion batteries are transparent and flexible. They said the battery-transparent its findings can be used for mobile phones, tablets or e-reader.
Is Yi Cui and Yuan Yang, a professor of materials science and his students, scientists are couples who managed to find this battery. Previously, they had published the results of these findings at a meeting of the National Academy of Sciences on 25 July.

But unfortunately the prototype findings partner scientists still have much ability when compared to regular lithium ion batteries. This battery has only half his ability alone. Meanwhile, when compared with nickel-cadmium batteries, these batteries have the same ability.

"By installing a lot of electrodes will be able to improve its ability to store energy by remaining transparent. So it is possible to enhance the ability of these batteries in the future, "said Yui.


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