Review Red Faction: Armageddon, further highlight the effect of dynamic destruction.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Red Faction is one of the main title of the action games that are already fetched the big names in the gaming market since 2001. The title of this game is no doubt, especially the previous two sequels has received rave reviews from gamers with a score high enough value. Then how is the sequel to the four of them, Armageddon. Will it continue to follow in the footsteps of success before the sequel?

Berseting 50 years after the events disekuel Red Faction: Guerrilla, accidentally colony life on Mars is threatened destroyed due to Hale, a follower of heresy that evoke alien race who have fallen asleep on the planet Mars. In this game we will play Darius Mason who is the grandson of Alec Mason, the main character in the sequel to Red Faction: Guerrilla. This time Darius Mason will follow in the footsteps of heroism such as his grandfather, in saving the destruction of the planet Mars.


With a view of a third person game offers gameplay that requires us to move from one point to the next point to follow the game storyline that has been determined and no longer like the sequel to Red Faction Guerilla allowing us to roam freely choose to complete the mission in the world sandbox. So ... gameplay in this sequel is pretty linear.

If the Red Faction Guerilla us fight for independence against the Earth Defense Force troops are evil. So in the sequel to Armageddon, we will be dealing with a new enemy that has the form of a hideous and malignant, that is Aliens. For the enemy AI in this game is not quite smart and tactical, fortunately it is covered with a considerable number of enemies so that felt challenged and supported a variety of unique weapons to defeat them. Then Boss Battle that we face in this game is also quite challenging to form an intense battle, so we must be patient in the act and waiting for the right opportunity to attack the weak point.

Speaking of weapons that can be used in this game are quite varied and unique, ranging from mild grade weapons such as Maul Hammer, Pistol, Assault Rifle, Plasma Rifle, Rocket Launcher up, Plasma Beam. As well as some unique weapons too, like the Singularity Cannon, who shot a black hole or a black hole and produce extensive destructive force. Or Magnet Gun, which fired the first bullet into the boulder and the second bullet into the enemy, then the first bullets attached to the boulder will be attracted to the enemy and hit him. Quite fun to play strategy by leveraging the sophistication of weapons in this game. We are only allowed to carry four types of weapons are our body and if you want we can do it in mengantinya Weapon Locker or take the weapon that lay along the level.

In addition to using sophisticated weapons, we can also use abiliti obtained by exchanging points Salvage we can find throughout the game. Both were obtained by destroying buildings, crates, or finish off enemies to get more points Salvage. Abiliti in this game itself is divided into 4 levels and there is such a character abiliti to improve health, increase the speed of the weapon reload, increase endurance, enhance the destructive attacks, to use the Nano Forge abiliti which are attached to the hands of Darius Mason, such as Shockwave, which can be issued electrical energy to make the enemy halted for a moment and hurt, then there is also a Shell, which can release the energy dome to protect us from enemy attack. In addition, the Nano Forge can also serve to restore any structure or object that has been destroyed, like blow up a bridge so the enemy fell, and then restore the bridge back into shape so we can pass our place or object shelter destroyed by enemy fire can we return as previously to be protective.

We will also find various kinds of Mech combat for our drive, ranging from lightweight to heavyweight, such as the Marauder Heavy Walker shaped spider that can destroy anything in front of her armed with cruise missiles and laser napalm.


With polished by the Geo-Mod engine games latest version, the graphics of this game be better than the previous sequel. But still not quite luxurious enough. Well the coolest and protruding from the devastating effects this game is very close to reality, like an explosion of flying debris of buildings and debris of the collapsed buildings down and the explosion near our character will menguncang game screen, all tersajikan quite well and smooth . In fact almost all the objects and structures contained within the game can be destroyed by us.


Although linear, the gameplay of this game is packed with stories that are good enough to be enjoyed. Various types of unique weapons and boss battles are exciting and groundbreaking graphics are fully supported throughout the game environment destruction effect is enough to make us linger at home to enjoy this game. I highly recommend this game to your action weighted action game lovers.

Red Faction: Armageddon

Developer: Volition
Publisher: THQ
Genre: Action
Release Date: June 7, 2011
Platform: PC, Xbox360, Playstation3


Story 80
Gameplay 80
Graphic 80
Overall 90


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