Robot maid What We Expect

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

You are married and have a maid was certainly a hope to get a faithful housekeeper, not easily tired and under. There is an answer for this one needs is a ROBOT.
There's a new robot is sophisticated enough so that it can do some things that used to do domestic servants. Usually only berfungsu for a robot of sorts, but this time the robot is more sophisticated because one can wash glasses, dishes and cleaning floors with a vacuum cleaner.

This robot can learn to wash all kinds of household furniture, whether pot, cups, or dishes, because researchers at Tokyo University have devised a simulation video games and human motion capture for this robot. This robot also has been equipped with sensors to recognize its environment so it can move freely and do not miss waterproof gloves so that the robot is not defective merely hit the water.

Let's see the action the robot is in the following images:


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