The Sims Social Game New Asik for Facebook Gamer

Friday, August 26, 2011

Facebook seems to be getting a new popular game in which one of them is from The Sims are jumping into the social space with a game called The Sims Social, which has now entered the beta stage at this time but was open to all those who are interested in trying.

At first glance the game seems quite similar to what fans love about the series The SIMS is where gamers can get from the first title for the PC, with detailed character creation facility allows them to create an avatar (there are quite a few customization options at this stage) and then jump right into a set of mechanics that have been common.

Avatar has the needs and aspirations, and in order to satisfy them all, need to interact with other Sims and also get the resources.

The game uses cast of characters gamers to quickly teach them what to do to be successful and The Sims Social seems like the type of game that takes up quite a while, where we can have a meeting among the other characters, repairing houses, learn some skills and earn money .

One potential issue for the game is that it actually uses three different forms of currency: SimCash, Simoleons and Social Points, all obtained in different ways and all are needed, in varying percentages, to get clothes, goods, furniture, energy and other resources.

Actually, probably would be a better idea to have only one currency for everything and just have some limits on what gamers can buy in game action or related to the level of character.

Social sims seem, at first glance, requiring more Facebook friends over Dragon Age: Legends or King's Bounty: Legions to take part in order to enjoy so make sure that you have at least 5 to 10 people on various lists you are interested in joining your before entering this game.


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