Sony DSLR A77 appear on Youtube, has a 24MP sensor with Exmor Faster Autofocus

Friday, August 19, 2011

Youtube seems to be a very effective means of marketing on the internet. Sony also participated in follow these steps to market their latest DSLR camera A77. The video featuring the A77 camera body half covered with sand and then the owner took a picture the ocean.
A77 DSLR camera Sony is actually not yet formally introduced by Sony. Even so, this camera has been nominated as a product that has the best design.

This camera has a 24 MP CMOS sensor Exmor plus translucent glass that reportedly has the ability to autofocus faster. In addition the camera also has the ability to produce 12 frames per second, and can produce video footage 60p and 24p. This camera will be priced at $ 1,000 and will be formally introduced in two weeks.


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