Sony, Samsung, and Panasonic Collaborate Make 3D Glasses Standard Active

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Three leading global electronics company, Sony Corp., Samsung electronics Co., and Panasonic Corp. agreed to work together to develop an active 3D glasses. The signing of the cooperation aims to improve the quality standards of 3D glasses that already exist today.

In cooperation is expected to boost sales of 3D glasses. With the standard and high standards, expected to be generated quality 3D glasses, which would produce a real image.

In addition, active 3D glasses that are currently on the market do not work universally. These tools only work on a compatible television or monitor. So that the owners have limitations when using it.

Active 3D glasses continuously consume batteries. Energy consumption is then used to provide stimulation to the eye so that images that look will become more apparent. This standard will apply from next month. Those standards include the use of infrared, and bluetooth features.


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