Toshiba Regza 19P2 Television Latest Innovations With Batteries Support

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The use of batteries is now no longer seems to be dominated by mobile devices which are usually small, but thanks to some new innovations and breakthroughs in the field of advanced technology, Toshiba has recently been successfully developed new television sets on its REGZA line of products. In addition to Toshiba's TVs can be switched on using a regular AC power, this TV can also be turned on using the existing battery.

Newcomers on the Toshiba Regza line of TVs is known as the Regza 19P2 and has a screen size of 19 inches, plus LED backlighting. The original resolution was 1366 x 768 pixels is.

By using the existing battery support, the new Toshiba TVs were capable of operating up to five hours duration independently without the existence of electrical networks though.

For those of you who often experience a sudden power outage, the presence of television is the latest innovation from Toshiba would be able to help you to stay tuned-in in the spectacle of watching your favorite tv programs.

In addition, Toshiba also has a component meyertakan One-seg TV tuner that has a built-in antennas. Hold for five hours as mentioned above must also consider the use of the bundled accessories.

To facilitate the transfer of energy mode is used, Toshiba also includes a button "Peak Shift" on the remote control that is so penggunananya can determine the mode of energy that will be used namely AC to battery mode or vice versa.

Regarding availability and prices, unfortunately still not known with certainty at this time because of their own marketing is still concentrated in Japan alone.


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