What is Roboearth?

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Have you ever heard the term roboearth? Roboearth in a language that is easy is a World Wide Web for the robot. Namely the storage of data where the robots can share information and learn from each other's behavior and their environment.
As the saying goes "experience is the best teacher", the purpose of Roboearth is to allow robotic systems to benefit from the experience of other robots, easier way to accelerate progress in cognitive abilities and behavior of the machine and especially to further refining and enhancing the interaction between humans and machines.
Roboearth include everything needed to draw together the relationship with the robot and the robot roboearth again. With the model of the world wide web database will be implemented with the functions of the Internet and intranets. It provides information needed for recognition (images, objects, models, etc.), navigation (maps, models of the world), and the intelligence services (annotation image, offline learning).



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