YouTube LeanBack New Way of Navigation and Watch YouTube Videos as TV

Saturday, August 27, 2011

YouTube is a video on the Internet center has launched a new product that provides navigation and a new way to watch videos from Youtube called Leanback. This new feature showing Youtube in fullscreen and to navigate you do not need to rely on the mouse but the keyboard arrow keys and Enter to move the video or play a video.
This is quite interesting because it is the Leanback expected to increase the length of time watching with no interruption seperit view comments and other text or images that interfere with concentration. Leanback inspiration came from the television viewers who are proven to be much longer can watch the many hours spent in front of the tv.

LeanBack technology today still rely on Flash so users can not access it certainly iPad, leanback To access you need to log in to your Google or Youtube Youtube first because it seemed to rely on information that has been stored by Google on your choice to display the video at the beginning. It is quite fun as we try Leanback and trends to watch for longer did we feel.

Youtube Leanback can be accessed at


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