Zend Announces Zend Server Beta Version

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Zend has a new kind of product that is Zend Server that also has a free version so you can download and try it.

Zend Server installer is designed as an all-in-one for Apache, PHP, Zend Framework and PHP optimizer. The product also comes dnegna User Interface to configure PHP with the administrative ease, and using native installers for different operating systems, available for Windows, Mac OS / X, danLinux (. Deb,. Rpm or tarball).

There are two versions of Zend Server is Full of commercial and CE (Community Edition) is free.

For the full version will have the following features:
* Page Caching
* Monitoring
* Support & Hot Fixes

Are monitored:
* The execution of PHP scripts that are slow
* PHP error
* Error in function call
* Use of excessive memory
* Error when calling Java code
* etc.


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