Drift City Online

Monday, September 26, 2011

 dc3Drift City Online
Publisher: PT. Playon Interaktif Indonesia
Developer: N Pluto
Genre: MMO Racing
Platform: PC
Site: www.driftcity.co.id

A racing-themed online game that helped enliven the online gaming market in Indonesia. Online game called Drift City was imported by PT. Playon Interactive Indonesia. When compared with the racing game Crazy Kart from Lyto that offers permainanyang funny and fun, Drift City, further carries a serious racing and adrenaline players.

In Drift City, an online gaming offers a combination of racing gameplay with RPG elements that make players more comfortable in front of the monitor screen. Like the offline PC games, Test Drive Unlimited,. in this game players will be able to move freely in an Open-Ended island named Mittron Island. So, players can freely choose to complete the Quest story of this game or complete side missions. In addition, gamers can also compete in the Battle Zone. In this Zone Battle mode, gamers can compete with other players if alias PvP in MMORPG games.

In this island there are four cities that can be explored by every city has four stations that have been adapted to the level of players. At each station will have five options to choose from, namely Mission Options, Delivery Service, Battle Zone, Fill Mittron, And Driver Dome. This game provides a map that can be opened one by one by completing quests and missions that are available, the Mission is available on this game is quite varied. Like take the package, should not be driving a car crash, patrol, and so on. If the player manages to finish it properly, then the player will get Mito which is the currency in this game and can also collect some medals.

For the Driver Dome is the gathering place of the drivers in this game. Players can megunjungi some interesting places, such as the Auction House, dealerships, Parts Shop, Crew Center, and Battle Zone. At the Auction House, or called the auction, where players can find the desired item. At the dealership, the player can look for a new car that is ready to be purchased. Then the Crew Center, the player can recruit new crew, and set the existing Crew. While at the Parts Shop, players can buy new Parts for the car. And at the Garage, players can modify cars that have been purchased.

Like other racing game that offers the features of Nitro. Well in this game called Booster. For this feature will encourage Booster car speed players if we are left by the opponent. Well to fill the tube Booster, players can perform Combo Skills. There was also an interesting challenge, namely HUV. Because if it managed to win, players can get the Parts, ranging from the type of Regular to very rare.

The graphics in the game Drift City is presented with style anime 3D Cell Shading. Likewise, the look of the car and the environment along with the game until the NPC characters, portrayed by a typical anime really. For music, this game presents a wide variety of music and, more interestingly, players can also enter a favorite Mp3 songs into this game. Automobile control system has to offer is quite simple, ie, 4-way arrow keys for movement and direction of the car for drifting down the shift key and ctrl keys for the booster. Interested in online games this race? So ... we wait while Drift City Online has entered the Open Beta phase.


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