Give Hitachi Travelstar 7K500 500GB Capacity

Monday, September 5, 2011

You need the latest high-speed storage and has a large capacity for your laptop? Looks like you should try these products from Hitachi. Because Hitachi has just market the newest products SSD 500GB Travelstar 7K500.
Despite the small size of 2.5 inches, but larger capacity, or half a terabyte. In addition, this hard drive capable of rotating with the speed of 7200RPM with a supply voltage of only 0.69 watts when idle and only 1.8 watts during read and write operations.

Travelstar 7K500 has a good ability with the SATA interface and promises 16 percent better application performance than its predecessor product model. And users can easily find out if the option BDE (Bulk Data Encryption) enabled foreigners have each and every byte is encrypted as what he wrote. About their own marketing, now with a limited number of OEMs have been present in the market for $ 159.99.


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