Microsoft Introduces Free SEO For Google Optimization Toolkit, Bing & Yahoo

Saturday, September 3, 2011

free-microsoft-seo-toolkit-optimized-for-google-yahoo-bing-2 you find free tools to be able to perform optimizations that are tailored to all the search engine giants like Google, Bing and Yahoo! This time Microsoft comes to SEO Toolkit is a free application which is specially designed for webmasters and web admin to adapt directly with Bing, Google and Yahoo. This course will help the website is being developed to be performed in the search engines can easily be accessed by Internet users world.

A few days ago, Microsoft also released the latest update for Windows Server Technical Evangelism. This time the application is put forward IIS SEO Toolkit.

"Windows Server 2008 R2 Web Server (IIS 7.5) which is built with a fully modular architecture has a sophisticated API. This allows developers to easily add, delete and even replace IIS components are already built-ins that had been adapted to the various sites websites. Currently more easily combine the code into the core IIS and use in ways not previously possible, "Pennington said.

The promise from Microsoft is that the SEO Toolkit is designed to help webmasters to increase traffic flow cyberspace and additional income, influence and update the search engines and improve the customer experience. The one drawback of the solution search engine optimization is the fact that this tool is only designed to work with web sites that use Windows Server and IIS servers. In this case, IIS SEO Toolkit is actually an extension of IIS and therefore this tool will not be able to run on Linux and Apache web server.

"This free SEO Toolkit helps you improve the flow of traffic and visitors to your site, and as a result can increase your income directly or indirectly through your website," said Scott Guthrie, vice president of Microsoft.


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