Preview Serious Sam 3, Games Arcade FPS that pumps adrenaline and evil

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who does not know Sam. A character is brave and evil game, which became the main character in the game Serious Sam is already familiar in the ears of gamers. And now Sam appear more macho and cool in the latest sequel to Serious Sam, who will soon release on October 18 this year. The sequel will be titled Serious Sam 3: BFE. But until now Croteam not want to announce formally the meaning of the abbreviation BFE. Most likely stands for Before the First Encounter. Okay, let's look at a preview of this game which was also released for multiple platforms, namely PC, Xbox360, and Playstation 3.

Sequel to Serious Sam 3 will berseting in 22 century in Egypt and Sam will explore several locations including urban, wilderness, until the ruins of the temple. Sam was still armed with some old weapons like the Shotgun, Minigun, Double Pistol, Shotgun with two barrels, Canon Ball, and Rocket Launcher. While modern and futuristic weapons is only a few are visible for the moment, like a rope lasers, which can cleave anyone about it. Aside from the use of various types of weapons, Sam can also perform melee attacks like using a hatchet to split the monster's body or by just using his bare hands, Sam can pull the eyeball monsters, and blood was berciprat to the screen. This game does look increasingly evil and filled with blood.

Until the sequel to the third, Sam also still can not hide behind the object. Because it will not guarantee the safety of Sam from the invasion of ferocious monsters that surrounded from all directions. What you can do is just struggling to survive with a run and shoot. This is what creates its own to preoccupation for players in this game. Sam faced monster in the sequel to 3 is also far more numerous and varied, as developer teams combine monsters that exist in the previous sequel with new monsters, the result looks quite impressive. Was typical in this game we will face a giant monster, like a bull and an elephant-sized scorpions, giant minotaur, Mech robots, giant trolls who can lift cars and throw in our direction, and so on. Enemy AI is also still visible and brutal enough to make players adrenaline pumping when I saw hordes of enemies running towards us shouting and carrying bombs in their hands to blow themselves or when the hordes of big bull that ran towards us.

Serious Sam 3 graphics look more impressive. How not, try to observe differences in the image on the Serious Sam 2 Serious Sam 3. Serious look at Sam 2 has the visual look of cartoons. While Serious Sam 3 which have now been using the new game engine and modern, the Serious Engine 3, can present a more visual detail and sharper and more realistic gaming environment with environmental features that can be destroyed. Even though not completely destroyed. Only a few such as pillars or walls that can collapse or fall apart when exposed to the blast. Then the visual effects also look impressive on the demo level games in the desert with a sandstorm that made the eyesight becomes shorter, so the monsters would appear suddenly from behind the fog around us. This adds to the experience of playing became more exciting.

Pictured above, Serious Sam 2 looks cartoons and drawings below, Serious Sam 3 that looks realistic.

So far, Serious Sam 3 looks pretty awesome and fun to a game First Person Shooter Arcade type. It seems the developer is really serious in mengarap Serious Sam 3 and they promise there will be secret and hidden items in each level that can be searched by the player as well as on the previous Serious Sam sequel.

Serious Sam 3

Developer: Croteam
Publisher: Digital Devolver
Release Date: October 18, 2011
Platform: PC, Xbox360, Playstation 3



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