Adobe Flash 11 & Adobe Air New 3 have been released with 3D Stage

Friday, October 7, 2011

Adobe has released the latest Adobe Flash for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Solaris along with Adobe AIR version 3 which is a cross-platform development environment. Both of these bring the latest Adobe products feature support for 3D Stage, a name for 2D and 3D graphics hardware-accelerated Adobe claims that can achieve rendering performance is 1,000 times faster than Flash 10 and AIR 2. This update also brings new mobile features for Android, Blackberry OS and - AIR - IOS.

Flash 11 now brings 64-bit support on all three major platforms, and add the H.264/AVC coding software for the camera. There are also additional support content protection for mobile devices, which means broadcasters can protect the content without the complexity of a server license, and add ads into streaming flash program.

This update also brings a number of improvements for developers, including native JSON support, G.711 audio compression to use telephony, improved support for high-resolution bitmap and TLS Socket Secure and Protected dynamic HTTP streaming.

Adobe AIR 3 now includes a native extension for AIR, the runtime support captive,, Android Licensing Service support, a front camera support for Android and many developers are the same improvements in Flash 11, with the addition of hardware acceleration Stage Video, camera encoding H.264 / AVC, native text input for mobile devices, digital surround sound for TV sets, audio background support for IOS devices, encrypted storage and 16 - and 32-bit color depth for Android.

Adobe AIR can be downloaded with a file size of 22MB (varies according to OS), while the update is approximately 14MB flash 11. For the Mac, both of which already requires an Intel-based Mac running OS X 10.6 or newer.


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