Thunderbird Version 2.4 Features Has Almost The Same With Firefox 7

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Firefox seems to not want ketinggala with Mozilla Firefox step in launching its newest product. After Mozilla released version 7, Firefox also compete with the release of its newest product, the version 2.4.
The latest update of Firefox HTML5 and supports hardware acceleration, and the most striking is the change at a faster javascript.

Whether this was intentional or not, but certainly all the development done by Firefox to version 7 of his, also found in Firefox 2.4, among others, is the reduction of memory usage, as well as the use of a faster rendering method, which uses Direct2D.

In addition to browsing the Internet offers a faster, Firefox also comes with improvements in system security. SeaMonkey 2.4 is available in 24 languages​​, both for Windows, Mac, or Linux.


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